The magic of the FRISIAN HORSE

The eventful story of the Frisian horse, which is so strongly linked to Friesland, tells us that this versatile horse breed has always managed to adapt to the demands of the times. Thanks to its proud appearance with its jet-black color, lush manes, the noble head, the upright and slightly arched neck, the elegant build and the lofty gaits, the Friesian horse is a feast for the eyes. Her intelligent and hard-working attitude and her uncomplicated, friendly character make her a loyal companion for sports and recreation. That outer and inner beauty, as the past shows, makes the future of the Friesian horse bright.

Showpiece from Friesland

The showpiece of Friesland with its hard-working attitude and uncomplicated character has become one of the most sought-after and versatile horse breeds in the world. In 2023, the Royal Association of the Frisian Horse Studbook has more than ten thousand members spread across more than eighty countries. Every year, approximately five thousand mares are ‘covered’ by almost a hundred stallions.