Hans Klok

As you have come to expect from the FRIESIAN PROMS, we usually do not follow the beaten path but treat you to surprising combinations of show, music, acts and horse performances. We are therefore proud to have been able to capture Hans Klok to contribute to the programme.

Hans Klok enjoys the reputation of one of the best and most beloved illusionists in the world. Due to his signature style of fast, spectacular and magical illusions, he has been called ‘the fastest illusionist in the world’. Not only on big stages, but also during smaller events, Hans knows how to take people from one surprise to another.

World record

In 2012, Hans broke his own world record by performing 15 illusions in 5 minutes on the French television programme ‘Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde’. Later, in 2014, he performed at the request of Princess St√©phanie of Monaco at the Monte Carlo cirus festival. His magisterial performance was awarded a ‘Silver Clown’. This ‘Oscar’ of the circus world is a great honour for Hans and a crowning achievement.


From magic box at home to the fastest illusionist in the world and via shows in Las Vegas to the FRIESIAN PROMS 2023!

Hans Klok will be in charge of the opening during FRIESIAN PROMS 2023 and will perform an act a few times during the concert show. What exactly that will look like and/or horses will play a role in it is yet to be seen in terms of feasibility, but that it will be a special contribution to live music anyway is certain.