Born in the south of France and blessed with a great talent and love for horses. His godmother recognised his talent, love and fascination for horses at an early age and it is thanks to her that he was given the space and opportunity to develop in this. Growing up surrounded by horses, Laury became obsessed with them and used all his free time to be with them.

He was lucky to be introduced to Magalie Delgado and Frederic Pignon at a young age. Both legends in the horse world. In later years, he followed them to the United States to perform for thousands of people in what was then the biggest horse theatre in the world, Cavalia.

Laury Tisseur started out as a classical dressage rider, but always on the hunt for a challenge, this found its way into Trick Riding, among other things.


Having one of the stars of the internationally renowned horse show Cavalluna perform at the FRIESIAN PROMS is not a given. Nevertheless, we managed to contract him.

A factor in this has been that these shows also pose a challenge for him and his horses in another area, namely shows set to live music by The Symphonic Music Connection. This, as is often the case for others, is an aspect he has not experienced before. Even more than usual, good timing is therefore very important.

Hungarian Post: Laury Tisseur, as one of the spectacle acts during the FRIESIAN PROMS, will, standing on the back of six galloping horses at full speed, slalom around the arena and make big jumps. He will also show his ability and talent during his other show with his free-moving horses. In this, the interplay between people and animal, and in this case also live music, is fully expressed.