A parody of horse dressage. A show devised in Australia.

Three ‘famous’ French riders will perform a dressage demonstration with a view to participating in the next Olympic Games. Despite some hiccups, they imperturbably maintain the ‘French attitude’. Their combination of humour and clever, acrobatics-related antics are catching on internationally. They are boundless and are major reasons why the show has since been performed in far-flung corners of the world, excluding countries where English is not spoken. The Riders represent the caricatured image of the French as seen by foreigners: arrogant, sure of themselves and borderline obnoxious. Even in the horse world, one cannot help but chuckle minimally at it.


Well, if you have read the above there is little to add, other than that the organisation is very happy to have succeeded in enlisting, for the first time, a hilarious and perfectly fitting ‘horse act’ for FRIESIAN PROMS. To do so, they had to go to France and, given the restrictions surrounding the Coronavirus, that presented quite a challenge in itself. It is worth it because as spectators, but we assure you also back stage, you cannot escape the antics of these ‘riders’ on their noble horses. Very likely, you will enthusiastically encourage them to take their also musically supported freestyle to an unprecedented high level.

In short, it will be a barrel of laughs!