JOS THIE – Born in Scheveningen, but living in Friesland for decades, he is known to a large audience as a director and theater maker of often large productions. Such as ABE!, Peer Gynt, Orfeo Aqua, but also De Stormruiter, the largest theater spectacle during Leeuwarden-Fryslân, European Capital of Culture 2018. Jos Thie is now associated with the Anniversary Show as an artistic advisor.

MARGUS SPEKKERS – Creative producer, with an enormous track record. Margus Spekkers has a background in music and especially dance and has been involved in hundreds of productions as an (assistant) director or performance leader. Such as De Stormruiter in 2018, when he worked closely with Jos Thie as a performance leader.

SANDER RENEMAN – Creative producer. Founder, CEO and creative director at TWOFIFTYK, which is involved worldwide in major productions such as that of DJ Armin van Buuren. Sander Reneman also works with Margus Spekkers and Jos Thie on these projects. During the Anniversary Show, Sander Reneman and his team are responsible for, among other things, the eye-catching decor with the latest visual techniques.

ROGIER BOSMAN – Composer and performer. Rogier Bosman mainly composes for theater and television and film and regularly performs with his music-theater group “Släpstick” (formerly Wëreldbänd). Bosman also wrote the music for De Stormruiter and was also part of the performance with the Wëreldbänd. Bosman wrote the music for the Anniversary Show during a stay in Ireland.