Sipke Jan Bousema is known as television presenter of popular programmes in the Netherlands like ZipZoo, Museum Gang, the Junior Song Contest and Opsporing Verzocht. From his authentic strength, he knows how to strike the right chord like no other. Born in Dokkum, Friesland, he has been working as a concept/identity developer, media producer and communications coach with great passion and commitment since 2003.

Sipke Jan is a versatile person, as besides his TV work, he has also played various film and theatre roles. He lent his voice to The Muppets, Robots, Alein & the Chipmunks, and for example, Ice Age 2 – The Metldown.

FRIESIAN PROMS & Sipke Jan Bousema

Sipke Jan will be your Host during FRIESIAN PROMS, presenting the program in his own distinctive way. Whether, during his presentation, he will manage to resist the challenge of also trying to make a presentation from a beautiful Friesian horse, time will tell. Currently, a back injury prevents him from doing so for a while, but Sipke Jan is sufficiently motivated to try.