Viewings and education

The First Viewing in December 2022 is the first pre-selection of Friesian horses on the way to their much-coveted stud license. The programme kicks off on Thursday January 12th and Friday 13th 2023 with the Second Viewing of the young stallions. On Friday January 10th education takes central stage offering a mixed and informative number of clinics presented in several languages that are freely available for everybody. There is a choice of informative lectures on theoretical aspects as well as clinics focusing more on the practical side with horses in the arena.

Stallion Inspection

As tradition is the Saturday reserved for the Stallion Inspection of the registered Studbook stallions, with at the end of the afternoon the selection of the younger, older and overall Champion as the final highlight. The programme will be alternated with a mix of show elements.


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Visit the Friesian Proms

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Friesian horses, spectacular horse acts and performances of many top artists, Waylon, Hans Klok, The Dutch Tenors and Samantha Steenwijk are the main theme during two special concerts and show nights.